At JP Soft has a well-defined process that ensures that our team is always on track, and aligned with exact client requirements. Whether you need a website, flash presentation, or a logo, our process has been a guiding force for us, helping us deliver optimum satisfaction to our clients. In short, the different stages of our process are:

Understanding Requirements:

We begin with understanding the requirements which is an iterative process. A series of discussions, emails, web conferencing or even personal meetings help us know the basic platform for our designers to get started. It includes knowing:

  • Your business, business objective
  • Competitors
  • Target audience
  • Your website (if you already have one
  • Some references for design preferences

Sitemap and Template Design:

This is again an iterative process where we begin working on the design of website. We take client inputs and discuss the points where we can suggest something based on our experience. The result is a rough template which is not optimized.

Client Approval and Design Freeze:

We send the template to clients for approval. If client suggest some changes, we hold discussions as to their impact on overall design. Based on how we agree, the changes are implemented in design and optimized for image quality and other such parameters.

Complete the Site and Testing:

After the design is complete, we add content provided by the client. We offer SEO too, depending on our contract with clients. The site is finally sent to our testing team who test it for different parameters such as browser independence, layout, SEO and so on.


After implementing any changes or corrections noticed during testing stage, we complete the website and finally deliver it to client.