Why should you redesign your website?

Your website is the important tool for your business.
Keep your design trendy and fresh with latest updated content.

Why do websites need to be updated roughly every 2 years? You just had it rebuilt two years ago. Seems that it was just yesterday! If you haven’t updated your website in the last 2 years, chances are it is badly out of date and open to security issues or content or too old.

* Your site just isn’t quite up to standard anymore

Your customers want to do business with a fresh, modern company that understands today’s market. Remember, your website is the window of your business. If your website has an old look or outdated content your customers will assume that your business is not following the latest trends either.

* Your website is not mobile friendly

In the last two years, responsive mobile friendly web design went from being a new trend to being absolutely necessary for most websites. 60% of all web traffic comes in from mobile devices . you will lose customers and that can affect your entire marketing strategy. Google is now penalizing businesses’ and organizations’ websites that are not mobile friendly and has been doing this since April of 2015. Your customers will feel like you don’t care about their business. Check your site here If the test is negative then you HAVE to update your website design to a mobile friendly website design. Google will kill your rankings if your website is not a mobile friendly site. Google rules

* Your Site has no Call to Action

In marketing, a call to action (CTA) is an instruction to your customers to provoke an immediate interest, usually using a colorful button like:  “Call us Now”, “Read more” or “Visit our Store Today” so your visitors will stay on your site and lower your bounce rate. Every website should have a call to actionYour CTA on your homepage will have a big impact on conversion and a highly relevant and punchy headline will grab the attention of your customers and let them know immediately what your site is all about.

* Unless your website loads in 5 seconds max, it is too slow

Optimize your page speed: Milliseconds do matter in optimizing your website. How fast your website loads is a critical element in any online business because site speed is a ranking factor for Google. Opting for cheap hosting services will yield you cheap results. You simply get what you pay for. Choosing a good hosting company will make the difference. Customers will wait no more than three seconds for a website to load before abandoning the site.

* Security

More and more, malware attacks are becoming common. Malware, which installs through the backdoor of your website, hacks your website, and damages the coding on both the front and back ends of your site. These attacks can cost you thousands of dollars to restore it back to its former coding. Google will drop your website rankings if your site is using old coding which is susceptible to malware. To avoid this update your website design and plugins and you will see your rankings go up quickly. WordPress is the best and most secure website development platform as it continually releases updates to stay on top of these threats and security vulnerabilities.

* WordPress plugins and version updates

Keep all of your plugins constantly updated. You should also have your wordpress version up to date as well and if you don’t use WordPress you should consider it as it is one of the safest and best platforms for online marketing. The vast majority of security issues are solved very quickly. Sadly many website owners don’t update their WordPress or Content Management System (CMS). When a CMS system is out of date it holds a much higher risk of being targeting by a cyber-attack. According to WPBeginner, 85% of hacked WordPress sites are not updated. A major number of website attacks are primarily due to the website having old or outdated versions or plugins. We offer WordPress Maintenance Plans to review the versions of WordPress and the plugins it comes with to check for any available updates regularly. We Test the updates and functional integrity of each site to ensure the best possible results.

* Search engine optimization (SEO)

Optimize your website for search engines and improve your search engine visibility. Search engine optimization is a great way to increase the quality of your website by making it user friendly, faster and easier to navigate. The majority of visitors online tend to choose one of the first page results when doing any kind of search inquiry online. If your website does not show up on the first or second page of Google or on the Google local maps you will not get any worthwhile results from your website marketing. Onsite SEO – Optimized Links – Keywords – Metatags and creative content all play a huge part in differentiating you from your competitors on the search engines and give you the highly sought after front page rankings.